Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Water Activated Tape Dispensers

Our range of water activated tape dispensers are all very easy and simple to maintain. We offer automatic machines with different capacity to suit all needs, the coloured keypad is used to pre-set popular tape lengths making the process very simple. Our manual tape dispensers are ideal for environments where there is no electricity as no power supply is needed to run the dispenser. 

The steel frame makes them very heavy duty and durable. These machines are compatible with plain or reinforced, gummed side in and gummed side out tape (available on request only).

Please visit our water activated tape category for the corresponding tapes.

Get in touch today by calling 0121 308 811 or alternatively emailing [email protected] and we can quote you on our desired quantities. Our wholesale prices are extremely competitive and our lead time on delivery can be as early as next day!

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OPBP333I Tegra Bond Manual Water Activated Tape Dispenser 1000x300x0 mm 100x30x0 cm 39.37x11.81x0.00 inches 1 N/A £641.36 641.36 Buy
OPBP500I Tegra Bond Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser 2000x70x0 mm 200x7x0 cm 78.74x2.76x0.00 inches 1 N/A £1573.31 1573.31 Buy
OPBP555 Tegra Bond Electric Water Activated Tape Dispenser High Capacity 20000x700x0 mm 2000x70x0 cm 787.40x27.56x0.00 inches 1 N/A £1295.00 1295.00 Buy
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